Bob has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences – ASSE, BSN & IW Best Plants Conference, NSC, and OSHA VPP to name a few.   He conveys his message with passion and energy, focusing on direct application of concepts and principles using simple, easy to understand examples helping create value for the organization.  Bob has also published articles in Professional Safety and Industrial Safety Hygiene News.


Just a few of Bob’s Keynote Topics are:

  • The three core activities an organization must do to produce an injury – free culture  
  • How to create a culture of committed employees
  • The leadership behaviors necessary for a injury-free culture
  • How to enhance your Behavior-Based Safety process
  • Learnings and stories from field experience
  • Go beyond “Doing” safety to “Living” safety
  • What it takes to nurture a culture of actively caring employees

Bob uses real life examples to help everyone learn key concepts and practices in safety that will generate highest personal ownership and lowest injuries across your organization.  He would be a dynamic addition to your next conference.

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