A personalized approach to Zero Preventable Accidents and Injuries.  Commitment-Based Safety™ is a new methodology to achieve zero injuries that engages employees to own and manage risks every day.  Working through the contributions of people is the only way to achieve zero injuries.  Without the help of every employee every day, the risk of an injury remains a larger probability.

The methodology is simple, yet powerful.  It has every employee making  a choice each day as to how they want to contribute to managing risk in their organizations.

Commitment-Based Safety™ Methodology:

  • Engages your entire workforce in managing risks on a daily basis to develop an injury-free work culture
  • Utilizes principles from the fields of psychology, quality, organizational development, and leadership
  • Teaches how to lead, manage, and develop world-class safety
  • Proven results!  Diverse industries from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (Oil & Gas) to South Africa (Mining) and across the US have used this approach with incredible success
  • Increases mindfulness to reduce risk every day
  • Tangible actions you can immediately implement in your workplace

Benefits for your Company:

  • Engaged Employees
  • Highly Effective Leaders
  • Focused Daily Commitment
  • Personal Accountability
  • Improvements Beyond Safety
  • Real Cultural Change

Leading to an Injury-Free Culture

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