• When No One’s Watching: Living and Leading Self-Motivation, By E. Scott Geller, Ph.D. and Bob Veazie (2010)

This realistic psychology of self-motivation narrative will help you bring out the best in yourself and others. Human behavior is complex and it is difficult to change organizational culture. Within these pages you will find how personal courage, compassion, and determination, family, friends, and mentors can help us achieve the organizational change we might at times find impossible. Readers are shown how to live a self-motivated life and lead others to feel more self-motivated and thereby optimize their performance.

  • The Courage Factor: Leading People-Based ™ Culture Change by E.Scott Geller and Bob Veazie  (2008)

This book can help organizations cultivate a culture of people going beyond the call of duty for the health, safety, and welfare of themselves and others. We call such discretionary behavior “actively caring.” Most people care, but too few act on their caring. As you follow our narrative and develop profound understanding of the psychology of leadership and actively caring, you’ll discover personal power and potential.  This story defines actively caring as showing compassionate courage on behalf of the safety and/or welfare of others. Our story brings these concepts to life and illustrates practical ways to increase actively caring throughout a culture.